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StinkBugSpecialist is commited to making you a satisfied customerIt's great when people recognize your hard work and take the time to let you know about it. The following people are just a handful of the satisfied customers who were grateful to be rid of pest in their homes. If you have need of an exterminator in the Pittsburgh area, please give us a chance to earn your business like these customers did.

If you have pests in your home or business they can be a tough problem to remove. StinkBugSpecialist can help you with your pest removal needs if you are located in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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Mark P. Dormont, PA

I just wanted to thank the stinkbugspecialist folks for ending my stinkbug problem use their monthly service and we have been %100 stink bug free for over two years now, thank you so much

Mrs. Miller Washington, PA

this is to Eddie and his helper who came to my home this fall 9/18/13 and did a treatment inside and outside and in 2 days everything was dead, hundreds of yucky dead stinkbugs, the 2 big companies I used last year did nothing to improve my problem will be a life time customer god bless...

Meyer, Squirrel Hill, PA

All is well in my beds and my home because you people did a great job of ending my bed bug problem, I will refer anyone who has any pest control problem to you guys

John G. Sewickly Heights, PA

I wanted to write thank you to all the folks at stinkbugspecialist for their great service over the last few years, you are friendly, well informed, punctual and they do everything they claim they can do to a tee, I no longer have a stinkbug problem anymore and I don't see any ants and spiders anymore either, thanks to their inexpensive monthly service packages, keep up the great work

Wayne Pittsburgh, PA

I had a wasp problem and they came and sprayed and the next day came ..POOOF no more wasp problem very very very happy with the stinkbugspecialist A PLUS...

Marcie and Doug Mt Lebanon, PA

We own two restaurants one in southside, and one in MT Lebanon , they have done a fantastic job for over 2 years now, just wanted to show our appreciation