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The Swarm:

Many homeowners are unaware of a termite infestation until some serious damage announces itself via the termite "swarm" experience (literally thousands of winged creatures invade one or more rooms all at once). At this point major home repairs are a distinct possibility and the spouse is probably going to be home to experience the "swarm" personally. This is when a proactive approach is also one that can save you lots of money. And that is to prevent the infestation in the first place by taking a few simple steps you and saving the cost of exterminator inspections and the like. Folks in Pittsburgh area (Western PA) will see the affects as anywhere else.

Evidence of termite infestations

termite hives

  • Wood damaged by termites always has remains of mud tubes attached to wood galleries or tunnels in an irregular pattern. The tunnels may contain broken mud particles with fecal materials. In the case of an active colony, white termites may be found in infested wood.
  • The presence of flying winged males, females or their shed wings inside the building indicates an infestation.
  • The presence of mud or shelter tubes extending from the ground to woodwork or on foundation walls also may indicate infestation. Workers travel periodically via shelter tubes to their nest to regain moisture and perform feeding duties. Each mud tube is approximately the diameter of a lead pencil.

If you have Termites in your home or business they can be a tough problem to remove. StinkBugSpecialist can help you with your Termite removal needs if you are located in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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