Spider Infestations - Removal in Pittsburgh area homes

Spider Information

Spiders can be dangerous especially if you have an infestationSpiders are generally carnivorous and feed only on living prey. They can crush it with processes on the pedipalps, and the chelicerae almost always have glands that can inject a venom. The bite of some large spiders can be painful, but most species are too small to break human skin, and only a few are dangerous to humans. The latter are mainly the black widow spider and its close relatives, which are nonaggressive and bite humans only in defense. Their painful bite is followed by faintness, difficulty in breathing, and other symptoms; although the bite is seldom fatal, especially if it is inflicted on healthy adults, medical attention for it should be sought at once.

In general spiders are not that harmful and often curb other pests, howver, an infestation of spiders can be dangerous especially to young childeren and elderly persons.

If you have spiders in your home or business they can be a tough problem to remove. StinkBugSpecialist can help you with your spider removal needs if you are located in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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