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"As for maintaining the relatively stink-bug-free summer in Pittsburgh, Edward McCoy, owner of Stink Bug Specialist, said that "every summer, [the stink bugs] decline but then come back in the fall." His home-based business works out of three locations, in Penn Hills, North Hills and South Hills. Mr. McCoy says he is busiest between August and November.

Researchers with the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug IPM Working Group will continue to monitor population levels around the Mid-Atlantic throughout the summer. However, researchers don't have a definite answer about what to expect in the fall.

That means there's still a chance they could return in full force. All residents can do is keep their fingers crossed -- and their noses pinched."

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Dobler, E. (June 2012),Where Have all the Stinkbugs Gone? Retrieved from:

New York Times

'James McCoy, owner of SBS Pest Control, short for, said Pittsburgh was so rife with the insect that he did not bother with calls seeking help for termites, ants or roaches — the bread-and-butter triple play of pests that extermination companies typically go after.

"Everybody has stink bugs," Mr. McCoy said. "We get one call out of 100 for the other stuff. No one here cares about the other stuff. It's the stink bugs, and its getting worse every year here." '

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