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Ants Ants are closely related to wasps, as can be seen in their similar body structures-the abdomen is joined to the thorax by a slender stalk, or pedicel. The pedicel may be enlarged into one or two knobs. The antennae are typically elbowed or jointed in the middle. Some species of ants possess a functional sting that the workers use to defend the colony or themselves. Many species secrete formic acid, a potent repellent. The jaws of worker ants are used for many tasks, including defense, nest building, and larval care. The form of the jaws is often very specific to the type of work done by the particular worker.

The four life stages of an ant are egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The minute white or yellowish eggs laid by the queen hatch in two to six weeks and develop into white larvae, or grubs. After feeding a few weeks to several months, larvae become pupae, commonly but incorrectly called ant eggs. In some species the pupae are naked; in others, they are covered with cocoons spun from a substance that they secrete at the end of the larval stage. Queens and workers of some species are known to live longer than 15 years. Most ants are much shorter lived, living for only a few months.

Ants are only pests in the home

Ants aren't all badAnts are of great importance in the environment. In the Amazon forest, the estimated biomass (amount of living matter) of all ants is four times the biomass of all the vertebrate animals combined. Ants contribute immensely to population control of their prey, recycling of plant material, seed dispersal, turning of the soil, and other major ecological processes. The tremendous success of ants is attributable in part to their collective mastery of social organization, which allows flexibility in approaches to survival.


If you have ants in your home or business they can be a tough problem to remove. StinkBugSpecialist can help you with your ant removal needs if you are located in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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