Stink Bug Specialist remove all the pesky stinkbugs not just some

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Who we are: is a licensed and insured pest removal service. Specializing in removing the stinkbugs that have plagued the greater Pittsburgh area and the surrounding townships, has made a name for itself in safely eliminating the pests that can be annoyances and even health hazzards. As a local family owned company services both commercial and residential properties with the the safest toxicity category (category IV) Pesticides as regulated by the EPA. Unlike those products that only kill a few of the stinkbugs we have the ability to get rid of them all for you.

In addition to eliminating stinkbugs we offer quite a few other services including:

Stink bug Spcialist working on a home in stanton heights

  • Termite prevention
  • Cockroach prevention
  • Ants, Spiders, Bees, and other pests prevention
  • Bedbug prevention
  • Rodent prevention
  • Commercial / Large property owners

Our most popular special deals:

Fleas, Spiders, and ants Removal Service starting at $99!! Bees and wasps Removal Service starting at $179!!